Cyrin Jocson | Art Director & Designer
Art Director & Designer


About Cyrin


Art Director & Designer.
Always hungry for great design and food. Dream chaser.

I am wildly obsessed with all things design and I truly love what I do. Fashion, beauty, and food are my other love affairs. Driven by my relentless curiosity, passion, and never-ending pursuit to refine my craft, I’m constantly striving to learn new things, experimenting in other creative expressions, and playing with how to achieve something differently in surprising ways.

With over ten years of experience as a designer/creative leader at an agency, in-house at a fashion jewelry brand, and also being a creative entrepreneur, I am dedicated to helping support the community through design and collaboration. My design studio is where I collaborate as a creative partner with passionate fashion, beauty, food, and lifestyle brands to help tell their story by creating beautiful, elevated meaningful moments and experiences across branding, digital, print, mobile, web, social media, packaging, advertising, events, and more. Feel free to get in touch and say hello! I’m always up for fun collaborations and brainstorming/daydreaming over coffee and irresistible food.